Initial Consultation

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The initial consultation is the time when you can let me know what it is that concerns you. You can tell me what you are trying to achieve and ask me all the questions that you have.
It may be that what you want is achievable and reasonable, if so then we can discuss dates for surgery or leave this until we meet for the second consultation.
Occasionally, things are more complicated than originally thought and we may need time to discuss things in more detail.
I will almost always need to see you on two occasions prior to surgery (but I only charge for the first consultation). This ensures that you are properly counselled towards the procedure.
I charge £150 for the first consultation. There is no further charge for further pre operative consultations.
Post operative consultations are usually included in the fixed package price for a procedure.
Lifetime Follow up is offered for some procedures.

I think that “Non refundable deposits” are wrong and have no place in patient care. So you will not be asked to pay anything to reserve a date for surgery, etc. If you change your mind, then you should not be penalised. Afterall, it is a big decision.

I do not believe in “time limited offers”, etc. They are bad practice. So you will not be told that if you pay a deposit now then it will cost you less. You should never feel coerced into going ahead with surgery. I will arrange for a formal quote to be sent out after the first consultation. This will take into account all of the specific parts to the procedure which will be tailor made for you. The price will reflect the complexity.

I follow the General Medical Council’s Good Medical Practice Guidelines and always write to your GP if we go ahead with surgery.

The first consultation is also where we can get some rapport as Doctor and Patient. That is a really important thing as trust is vital in any professional relationship, expecially one involving surgery.

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