Unequal Size Correction (including Tuberous Breast)

Almost all women have some assymetry to their breasts. Be it a little difference in the shape or size. Often this is only minor.

Unfortunately, when the breasts are significantly different sizes or shapes, it makes bras difficult to fit and can be embarrassing for the lady concerned.

Surgical correction can be challenging and may not always be straightforward.

Most women prefer the larger breast and would ideally like the smaller breast to be matched to the bigger one. Placing an implant into the smaller breast is not always a solution however, since the smaller breast will tend to be lifted by the implant and will then sit higher. Thus the breasts end up looking symmetrical in a bra, but when the bra is taken off, the breast with the implant sits up pert but the other breast sags/drops.

It is usually easier to get symmetry by making the larger breast a little smaller, to match the smaller one. This will leave some scars on the breast.

It is important to have a long discussion with me regarding your options. I can perform single stage surgeries or staged procedures with or without implants.



Patient 1

Tuberous Breast deformity. A difficult problem to correct fully. This procedure involved the use of breast implants combined with mastopexy. Press on pictures for side view.


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