Patient DB - Breast Augmentation & Reshaping & Mastopexy

Thank you are two very inadequate little words to express my gratitude and admiration for your skill, your ultimate professionalism and your warmth and empathy for your patients. I am very lucky to have been in such safe hands!

Patient CA – Fleur-de-lys abdominoplasty

I feel like I have been given a new lease of life. The care and understanding and workmanship you have showed was above any expectations I had. The results are more than I could have hoped and dreamed of

Patient AT – Breast Augmentation

Words cannot describe what you have done for me and my self-confidence. You are a truly special person who is so genuine and caring and I will never forget

Patient LS – Bilateral Mastopexy & Abdominoplasty

Thank you so very, very much for what you have done for me. You have been professional, respectful and charming, I can’t put into words how the operation has changed my life. I now feel that I have regained my self-respect, self-worth and feel attractive again

Patient KW - Abdominoplasty

I would like to say how grateful I am for all you have done for me and what a wonderful person you are. From the very first meeting we had, I knew you were the right person for the job to put things back into place and to give me back my confidence I longed for. The way you handled every stage was perfect to give me the courage to go through with it

Patient AE – Bilateral Asymmetrical Breast Reduction

I am keeping very well and this was the best thing I ever have done. Eternally grateful to you Graham

Patient PF – Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery

Mr Offer went through my procedure many times so I fully understood what was going to happen. My Offer shaped my nose to how I wanted and I am so happy with the end result. Thank you Mr Offer for making me feel better within myself and giving me more confidence

Patient SS - Abdominoplasty

Just to say that I was very pleased with the pre and post operative treatment and support from you and your team, and I am delighted with the results. This has made such a difference to how I feel about myself

Patient VF – Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Every time I look in the mirror, I am reminded it was one of the best decisions. It made such a difference to my face and the fact that the procedure could be performed by local anaesthetic was an added bonus

Patient LR – Bilateral Upper & Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

I am still extremely pleased I had the operation. I even wear contacts now and feel more confident

Patient MM – Bilateral Breast Reduction

Having spent many years with oversize breasts and being overweight to compensate and hide this I can’t believe how much my life has changed from size 22 to 12 and bra size 38J to 34D.
The procedure was straight forward and recovery quick. Mr Offer and his team were 1st class, I couldn’t fault anything, hospital, care, consultant – all exceptional

Patient D- Bilateral Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty and lid tightening

To Mr Graham Offer (A genius and my hero) I thank you with all my heart. Love D

Patient L- Breast Augmentation

To Graham, Thank you for the Cleavage! It's made a big difference in my life! All the best L

Patient WS- Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

To Mr Offer and the Woodlands staff
It is a very dedicated and special role, you all play at the hospital.
My operation and stay at Woodlands in my opinion, was a great success and I am very grateful to all who contributed towards that, the nurses on the ward especially, theatre staff and of course Mr Offer. Thank you and God bless.

Patient AB- BCC skin cancer

Dear Graham, Many many thanks for your skill, care and kindness in sorting out my BCC.

Patient HC- Breast Reconstruction

Thank you for the Care and Excellent work on my reconstruction.

Patient H- Breast Augmentation

Thank you so very much for all that you have done for me.
Your empathy and generosity has meant so much to me. Thanks again.

Patient JD- Breast Augmentation

I just want to say HUGE Thank You for your craftsmanship- :-) You've done a wonderful job and I'm so happy.
I hope your still around in 10-15 years time when I need them replacing!
Thanks again.

Patient SM- Breast Augmentation

At the end of last year, you performed my breast augmentation surgery at The Spires.
Six months down the line, I am writing to express my sincere thanks.
For the first time ever I'm able to look forward to the summer and feel confident with my curves!
Each time I look in the mirror (which is more than ever!) I smile.
My inner self feels the happiest about my shape more so than ever before and it's also, in a small way, helping me to cope with other aspects of my life, and about feeling womanly. (which I had lost completely).
Many many thanks.

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A Patient Story

After breast feeding her children, this lady found that her breasts had lost the upper pole volume and had dropped/sagged. After breast augmentation, the volume is restored and this has made a huge difference to the way she feels.


She writes " At 35, I had my second and final baby. I always knew that after my first I would want a breast augmentation and spent years researching. I attended consultations with friends who have also had the op and saved hard. Pre children I had an impressive D cup breast which balanced out my frame and made me feel womanly.  Since my first child and even the second my figure bounced back with training but my breasts were two sad small floppy objects that training could never fix. This hugely affected my confidence and my sex life hugely suffered.

So why Spire, firstly after visiting several of the "cosmetic companies" I liked the idea that the spire are a private health care provider who specialise in many sectors of health care, not just cosmetic. Secondly, you are dealing with the Surgeon rather than a patient coordinator. This suited me as I ask a lot of questions!! Graham Offer listened to my numerous and probably tedious questions and took the time to answer them in full. He was extremely honest and open about the procedure and it's possible complications. On the day I was made to feel totally at ease. I had a level of guilt being there as I felt shallow amongst some of the other patients who were seriously ill but the nurses and theatre team treated me with absolute respect and care, they were lovely! and nonjudgemental. The anaesthetist even referred to my procedure as "rebuilding my breast"- Brilliant.   The food was wonderful, homemade and a great choice. The aftercare I cannot fault, any concerns I have spoken to Graham on the day and seen him as and when needed. It's nearly five months on and they have changed me totally. I love them!!  "

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